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Elegant curves and rich tones, take a look at some inspirational traditional kitchens.

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Discover timeless beauty that turns into experience.

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With more than 25+ years of design know-how and woodworking culture, Jumeirah Kitchens promotes luxury design for contemporary lifestyles. Our experienced kitchen designers will help create the look and feel you always dreamed about, with materials and quality that will last for years to come.

Kitchen Renovation and Custom Kitchens in Thornhill, Richmond Hill and GTA

The kitchen is definitely one of the most frequented rooms in your house, it greets the most visitors, prepares your meals and is a meeting place for your family and guests. Some people choose to snack and dine there, it is also a great place to study and relax. In the past, the kitchen was a room that was reserved solely for the purpose of making food but today, it’s a multifunctional utility room and that is a top reason why many people are feeling the need to renovate their space into a quality kitchen. Kitchen renovation is no easy task though, it takes planning, designing, craftsmanship and skill to complete, especially as almost every kitchen is a custom kitchen.

Are you dreaming of a spacious, well-appointed kitchen? At Jumeirah Kitchens, custom kitchens are our specialty. Our expert designers and installers have what it takes to bring your special vision to life. You’ll get the modern, updated kitchen you’ve always dreamed of and all of the added value that comes with it. And because we’re committed to your total satisfaction, you can expect exceptional service from us every step of the way.

Are you ready for your own kitchen renovation? Jumeirah Kitchens creates custom kitchens in Thornhill, Richmond Hill & GTA designed to fit your personal needs and preferences. We are focused on providing you with your dream custom kitchen.

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Custom Kitchens Richmond Hill

Designing your kitchen so it is a functional, light, fun, and enjoyable room to work in takes careful planning. Ensuring you have fully thought out all your storage needs, appliance placements, work flows, bench space requirements etc can be a big task. We have put together some tips to help your custom kitchen planning so you end up with the kitchen you always wanted.

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Kitchen Renovation Toronto

Make your kitchen the pride of your home with Jumeirah Kitchens’ stylish design ideas. Being the busiest space in the home, it’s important that your kitchen is functional and has an attractive environment. These are the two big factors in the minds of Jumeirah Kitchens’ team of award-winning designers when they are creating design ideas for your new kitchen.

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Bathroom Renovation Markham

Our design ideas will not only make your bathroom look better, they’ll also improve the functionality of your space. It doesn’t matter if you’re fully renovating the area or carrying out partial bathroom renovation, because you can be assured that Jumeirah Kitchens will design and install the bathroom of your dreams to complement your home.

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