Custom Kitchens

When the time comes to start over with a new kitchen make sure you enlist the help of Richmond Hill’s most experienced and trusted kitchen renovation specialists, Jumeirah Kitchens. We’ve helped scores of local homeowners increase the livability and value of their homes by way of full and partial kitchen renovations and we can help you too. Regardless of the age and style of your home we’ll help you find the magic within by reimagining your space in a way that embodies your tastes and vision.

Kitchen Renovation in Richmond Hill has never been more satisfying

A kitchen renovation in Richmond Hill is no small thing. Because the kitchen occupies the centre of the domestic experience the design direction you take it in will impact every other aspect of the house. To ensure you end up with a kitchen that works for you and your family members and sits easy within the overall style of your home you’ll want to make sure you work with the professionals from Jumeirah Kitchens.

Close collaboration

Some designers seem to think it’s their job to tell you what you want. That’s not us. Our design team is here to help you realize your dreams. Not ignore them. We’ll work closely with you from the start to make sure that everything that goes into the renovated kitchen is there because you want it. Not because we talked you into it.

Dedicated craftsmen

The people that work for us were chosen for their proven ability to generate a high quality finished product and for their dedication to the job at hand. They act like professionals, carry themselves like professionals, respect every aspect of your property and never walk away until the job is done right.

High quality materials

While custom cabinets are one of our specialties we also understand that cabinets aren’t the only component of a successful kitchen renovation in Richmond Hill. Everything from the flooring to the light fixtures to the brand of paint we apply is chosen for its intrinsic qualities and durability. We never cut corners on materials.


While first class materials and appliances are not cheap experience allows us to contain costs. For example: our connections allow us access to the right materials at the best prices. And because our designers are well versed in every form of kitchen design it won’t take weeks for them to present you with concepts that resonate.

Unmatched customer service

At Jumeirah Kitchens customer service is more than simply providing a number you can call with complaints. It’s listening to your wishes from the start and working to implement your ideas and vision. We believe that unhappy customers mostly stem from contractors who aren’t listening, so our ears are always open.

If you’re in search of first class kitchen renovation in Richmond Hill look no further than the experienced pros at Jumeirah Kitchens. We’ll create a new kitchen for you that will meet all your expectations and provide you years of reliable service.

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