Key Considerations When It Comes To Designing Custom Kitchens

From custom handcrafted cabinets to double sinks and overhead storage, custom kitchens provide homeowners with the most freedom to choose the styles they love and the functionality they need. Putting together a coherent arrangement of all of the appliances, conveniences, and necessities of a modern kitchen is no simple task. It requires communication and coordination among multiple crafts- and tradespeople as well as with you, the homeowner. The best kitchens are a collaborative effort between contractor and customer; the better you are at articulating your needs, the better your design will fit your lifestyle. Before you hire a contractor to begin work on your kitchen renovation, think about what you will need for your project.


What Are the Most Important Custom Kitchen Considerations?

Kitchen renovations should complement your home and your lifestyle. Although the island kitchen is very popular for those who enjoy preparing food with their families or entertaining groups, it’s not necessary or feasible in some homes. Galley kitchens and single wall kitchens are best for small spaces while U-shaped kitchens are better for large spaces. The ever-popular L-shaped kitchen maximizes convenience while minimizing the space it takes up in your home.

Structural Changes
If you’re rearranging your kitchen entirely or even expanding it, you need to account for the increased costs and efforts required to re-route plumbing or wiring, or taking out or adding a new wall.

Decide whether high-end materials or high-quality function is more important to you. Choose one place where you’d like to splurge, and do research on costs and materials upfront.

Counter Space
Depending on your cooking preferences, the best custom kitchens have ample countertop space around the sink, stove, refrigerator, and oven. Take into account all of the appliances you will need to store on the counter as well as space for food preparation.

Are you a farmer’s market enthusiast or do you like to buy in bulk at Costco? Do you stick to the cookware basics or will you need to find space for your egg cracker and fermenting crock? Extra storage space is never a bad problem to have, and you definitely don’t want your kitchenware spilling out into your basement or hallway closet. Pantries, cabinets, and innovative revolving and vertical storage will de-clutter and organize your custom kitchen.

Have you ever cut yourself with a knife while chopping in dim light? Avoid such slip-ups and install lighting that is both functional and atmospheric. Add windows for natural lighting or install task lighting under cabinets.

If you can only invest in one thing, let it be high-quality and long-lasting flooring, countertops, and backsplash area. You will thank yourself years from now.

After you’ve compiled the basics, it’s time to put your plan into action by calling Jumeirah Kitchens. Our mission is to give homeowners in Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Newmarket, Aurora, and Markham a custom kitchen that will bring them love, laughter, delicious aromas, and long-held memories for years to come.

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