Custom Kitchens

Custom Kitchens in Thornhill, Richmond Hill & GTA

Throughout human history, friends and families have gathered to cook and eat together. Millennia later, the kitchen remains a place where people congregate and ties are strengthened. Though everyone needs a kitchen, no two kitchens are the same and no two kitchen remodels can be handled in the same way. With the varied specifications and functions required by modern homeowners, every aspect of your kitchen renovation, from appliance placement to countertops to plumbing must be perfectly coordinated to fit into a coherent design. When you get your custom kitchen from Jumeirah Kitchens, there’s no need to hire several different contractors; our team of experts will handle the design, plumbing, electrics, carpentry, and installation of your new custom kitchen. Our attentive team has been creating custom kitchens for satisfied customers in Thornhill, Richmond Hill & GTA for many years. Here are just a few of the ways that Jumeirah Kitchens can help you to create the custom kitchen of your dreams.

What is Special About Custom Kitchens?

Kitchens have increasingly become a hub of activity in modern homes. No longer just for cake-baking 1950s wives and cookie-snatching kids, contemporary countertops serve as ideal workspaces for parents and children, spacious kitchens provide families with a place to prepare and cook meals together, and comfortable seating invites guests and friends to gather around to feast on hors d’oeuvres and pre-dinner cocktails. Whatever your preferences, custom kitchens are designed to fit the functional needs, budget, and aesthetic of each customer.

What Can Our Custom Kitchen Team Do For You?

From light fixtures to appliance placement to expanded cabinet spaces, high-quality kitchen renovation takes extensive planning and precise installation. It is a daunting undertaking for homeowners. Imagine picking out appliances from one store and cabinets from another then contacting a carpenter to replace your floor, calling up your local plumber to rework your kitchen’s piping, and getting your electrician cousin to wire new overhead lighting pro bono – it gets complicated! Instead of taking on a massive and expensive DIY project, contact our all-in-one team of experts who will get it done right the first time.

Are there certain sentimental pieces of your old kitchen or hidden-away family heirlooms that you would like to retain and enhance? Or perhaps you’d prefer to start over from scratch. Whatever your situation, the first step to creating your custom kitchen is active listening. Our attentive designers are pros at deciphering your ideas, transforming a feeling into a reality with you and your needs at the centre of everything we do. You bring your preferences and requirements to our collaborative relationship and we throw in the practicalities and important functional aspects that you might not have thought about. Among other services, we offer designs that take into account:

Beginning with custom measurements and a conversation about your new kitchen’s concept, and ending with installation and an industry leading warranty, Jumeirah Kitchens is dedicated to realizing your vision of a functional and beautiful modern kitchen.

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