Tips To Help You Cut The Cost Of Your Bathroom Renovation

Some thrive on the newness and excitement that comes with renovating or remodeling their rooms; they live for that feeling of satisfaction over a job well done and the oohs and aahs of those who come to visit. Others get a bit sweaty just thinking about how many details and how much planning go into one project, and the inevitably large price tag attached to the entire endeavour. If you would consider yourself a member of the latter group, here are a few tips to help you cut costs and still achieve an updated look, better market value, or the added functionality that you need in your bathroom.


How to Do a Bathroom Renovation on a Budget

Create Two Lists
The first step to saving big on your bathroom renovation is writing two different lists: your must-haves and your lust-haves, ranked in order of importance to you. These will clearly separate what is a necessity and what you would like to have, if your budget allows. After taking stock of all of the other features and contractor costs, you might find you have a bit of room to add something luxurious from off of your dream list.

Work With What You Have
You may not be able to knock out a wall or change your bathroom’s plumbing, but an expert bathroom designer can spruce up your space to include more vertical storage, let in more natural light, or use white or beige colours to give your room a more spacious feel. De-cluttering and organization go a long way to upgrading your bathroom and making your bathroom renovation a success. If your current room has one feature that you love, like vintage piping, interesting tile work, or a unique window, work your new design around it. It’s one less new piece to purchase and it will lend originality to your bathroom.

Aim for Off-the-Shelf
Products like sinks, toilets, and mirrors can be purchased at big-box stores to save on costs. Do comparison-shopping to find the best deals. It’s possible to add upscale-appeal even to a big-box bathroom by using interesting layers with your tiling.

Save the Tiling
If tiling the whole bathroom isn’t an option, save standard white ceramic subway tiles for your shower or bathtub area, and possibly, as a counter backsplash, and paint the rest of your walls.

When you’re tasked with getting a bathroom renovation done on a budget, your most important asset is creativity. Draw attention to add-ons like a funky standalone mirror, an atmospheric light fixture, vibrant wall art, refinished or custom-made cabinets, a patterned shower curtain, photographs, or indoor plants. Make your bathroom an original with a unique combination of accessories that truly reflects you.

There’s no need to forgo a beautiful bathroom if you’re on a budget. At Jumeirah Kitchens, we strive to create the perfect bathroom and kitchen renovations for our customers in Thornhill, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, and Markham based on their style, functionality, and budget. Our team of savvy designers and installers are attentive to the project’s every detail from beginning to end, making your bathroom or kitchen renovation stress-free.

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