How To Tell Whether You Need a Kitchen Renovation

As one of the most important rooms in your home, kitchen renovations should never be undertaken without forethought, planning, and consideration. Giving up the use of your kitchen for a few weeks is often necessary for a complete remodel, and even if you let professionals handle the entire ordeal, a kitchen renovation will take a significant chunk of time out of your schedule and your savings. Sometimes, though, a kitchen renovation or custom kitchen redesign is necessary. After all, an upgrade that offers improved workflow, better performing appliances, and a more beautiful space where your family and friends can gather can be well worth the investment. Here’s how to decide whether you should turn your kitchen pipedream into a reality.

When Should You Invest in a Kitchen Renovation?

Unless funds are not a constraint for you, there are more important reasons to update your kitchen than the purely cosmetic. Ensure that your kitchen meets your needs in these important areas.

  1. Workflow – Small or poorly organized kitchens can get a little cramped when the whole family is chipping in to prepare dinner. A kitchen renovation can help to improve the traffic flow of your kitchen, rearranging pieces to create a larger workstation or adding more vertical storage to free up coveted counter space.
  2. Space – Adequate cabinet, counter, and floor space are essential to the functionality of your kitchen. Repositioning large appliances or installing better-organized countertops can improve your workspace. Adding cabinets of different shapes and sizes to accommodate the diversity of cutlery, utensils, spices, bakeware, and cookware will improve the function of your kitchen.
  3. Energy Efficiency – Old appliances are not only outdated in appearance but also in terms of energy consumption. With the depletion of our finite resources increasingly at the front of homeowners’ minds, new technologies have surfaced that use less and give you more. Invest in highly energy efficient appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, and disposals that will save you water, electricity, and money.
  4. House Flow – If you have a patio or a beautiful outdoor space near the kitchen, you may want to install an exterior door that leads directly outside. Improving the flow between your indoors and outdoors is helpful when entertaining outside in the summer or keeping watch over children while they are playing.
  5. Light – Improving your kitchen’s exposure to natural light is a great way to save on artificial lighting costs and infuse your room with a vibrant and lively energy. Consider the placement of your windows and how your room is impacted by light throughout the day.

Of course, if your tiling is obviously molding, your cabinets are falling from their hinges, or parts of your flooring have come up, it’s time to give your kitchen a much-needed makeover. Otherwise, invest when it’s the right time for you. When you’re ready to renovate you kitchen or remodel it with a custom kitchen design, Jumeirah Kitchens can help homeowners in Newmarket, Aurora, Markham, Thornhill, and Richmond Hill make the most of their plans and budget.

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